My Elevator Pitch

Lets see if I can keep this introduction to 30 seconds or less. My name is MC and I am a 25-year old CPA in the Boston area. I currently work in public-accounting as an auditor, a job where you are traveling most of the time to see people that don’t want you there, as your main purpose in being there is to make their life a living hell for several weeks. On top of this, you are working absurd hours for months out of the year that makes it difficult to devote time to anything but working, eating, and sleeping.

Even typing those last sentences made me cringe at how my life sounds but despite the above, I find time to be semi-passionate over a time-consuming amount of interests. I’ve been a sponge for most of my life and found that I tend to become somewhat obsessed with being in the know with everything that I consider to be what most small-talk conversations revolve around; business, sports, music, movies, TV, travel, dating life and pop-culture. all of which has only helped me in casual conversation and being above average at Jeopardy.

Here’s where I really sell this blog: I have always hated my writing style and do not consider myself to be a strong writer in the slightest. I can write well-enough in the business world to create memos, emails and documentation that exceeds the ability of the average person at my level, but when it comes to writing out personal thoughts and opinions (which I haven’t done since college), I hate every sentence that comes out onto the page. Re-reading my work is a painful experience and results in spelling and grammatical errors that a 3rd grader could underline in red with almost no effort. Despite this, I am finding I am sponging up so much information in my twenties and desperately need an outlet outside of my real-life relationships to get out my thoughts and opinions.

By writing this blog, and sticking to at least a post a week, I am forcing myself into exposure therapy, which is coincidentally the only therapy I will subject myself too, being born and raised in Boston with a proudly Irish family background. This blog will be painfully unstructured, much like most college-graduate’s lifestyle in their mid-twenties (and there’s the first shitty metaphor of the blog), as I plan to allow myself to write whatever I felt strongest about each particular week. Who know’s what this will grow into and how my writing style will manifest itself, but I plan on sticking to it. I hope you stick to it with me.

Attn: The Reader

Like everything I have attempted or hoped to improve at in life, I am asking for feedback. I want to hear criticism, thoughts, opinions and anything else that runs through the mind of someone who stumbles across my ramblings. I PROMISE to respond to all e-mails sent my way at and genuinely hope to have an opportunity to interact with someone who takes the time to read my thoughts written down. I have also discontinued my person twitter account in a further effort to commit to this blog and plan on being active on my twitter handle @Biz_Casual_Blog.

Thanks for reading and keep it casual!


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